“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

Mary Louise “Weasy” Dobson

Mary Louise Dobson
Mrs. Dobson was born in Houston on August 10, 1922 and spent her childhood on Duncan Bros Spade in Egypt, TX. Her family had owned and operated the ranch since the 1870’s and as the youngest child she found plenty of time to ride, fish, hunt, and explore the ranch. Her early education consisted of home schooling but when she was 14, she traveled to Switzerland to attend a private school there. After 2 years and the looming threat of war she caught a ship back to the USA.

" She decided to learn to fly and became an early pioneer of female aviators. "

Continuing her independent nature, she decided to learn to fly and became an early pioneer of female aviators. She purchased her own plane (much to her mother’s encouragement and her father’s chagrin) and made many cross-country flights before and during the war. She related the story of one flight that she and her sister made. She needed to land for fuel, and with no instrument rating, she was visually searching for a spot to land when they spotted a landing strip. When they set the plane down, they were immediately surrounded by rifle toting soldiers – they had landed on a restricted military airbase. She said that it was tense for a moment but when two young women emerged from the plane “they were much, much more friendly.”

" They had landed on a restricted military airbase... but when two young women emerged from the plane they were much, much more friendly. "

After one such flight to visit a school friend, Jane Dobson, Weasy met Jane’s brother Capt. Richard Dobson. Captain Dobson was serving on General Eisenhower’s staff in Europe. After the war, Weasy and Dick were married, they adopted Jane and moved to Minneapolis to manage the Dobson family lumber business. They later moved to Denver. After the family business sold, it was home to Egypt to manage the ranch.
Mary Louise Dobson

" She was determined to make life better for those around her. "

The Dobson family has always been generous and caring, but after Dick’s death, Weasy began realizing an abundant bounty generated by mineral development on the Duncan Ranch. She was determined to make life better for those around her. What followed was a level of generosity seldom seen. She and the Wharton community united to build the Mary Louise Dobson Youth Center at the Wharton Boys and Girls Club. Seeing the need other funding, she created the Mary Louise Dobson Foundation. When asked why she gave, she answered in her typical direct manner, “I did nothing for this. The mineral wealth came from ground in Wharton County and it is only right that some of it go back to the people of Wharton County. The Mary Louise Dobson Foundation continues to provide funding for youth and youth organizations throughout Wharton County. Her dream was for financial help to be available long after she was gone…….and it will!

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